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Overhead view of Whomp's Fortress

Whomp's Fortress is a level in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

At the start, Mario is near a tree in a grassy area with Piranha Plants and an owl. Going up a rocky slope Mario will meet some Bomps, which after that three closing platforms appear. After those, the first Thwomp in the game appears. Going up a set of stairs goes to a conjunction. Going to the left will make Mario go into a knee deep lake, which on the other side a cannon is accessed. Going foward leads to a platform with Goomba's and a Blue Coin Block. Going foward, entering and firing the cannon allows Mario to reach a platform with a star and a pole. Back at the conjunction, going foward goes to another Piranha Plant, and to the left is a small ledge and a set of falling blocks. On the platform at the end of the falling platforms, a Wing Cap Block appears., which the player then can take a board to a small platform with another Piranha Plant. A spinning platform will take Mario to a Pathway that leads to an elevator. Taking a pole in the middle of the pathway will give Mario a 1-Up(A Super Mushroom in the remake). Going up the elevator will take Mario to King Whomp, and in later levels, a fortress with a star at the top appears.

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Chip Off Whomp's Block Edit

In Mission 1, Mario must climb the fortress and fight the Whomp King.

Mission 2 - To The Top of The Fortress Edit

Mission 2 is just like Mission 1, but now instead of fighting Whomp King, there'll be a smaller tower on top of the fortress. Mario has to climb the smaller tower to the top to gain an another power star.

Mission 3 - Shoot Into The Wild Blue Edit

In Mission 3, Mario must get into the cannon and shoot towards a narrow platform containing a star.

Mission 4 - Red Coins on The Floating Isle Edit

In Mission 4, Mario has to collect all 8 red coins scattered all over Whomp's Fortress.

Mission 5 - Fall Onto The Caged Island Edit

In Mission 5, Mario has to scare an owl out of a tree near the beginning of the level, which will fly him around the level to a star.

Mission 6 - Blast Away The Wall Edit

In Mission 6, Mario has to get into the cannon and blast off part of a wall.

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