Wet-Dry World is the eleventh location in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.
It has a special feature in which Mario is able to change the water height of the level depending on where he jumped into the painting.

Layout Edit

Mario starts out in mid-air and soon drops into the water, depending on the water height.

To the left, there's a huge tower, which can be ascended and behind Mario is a switch which Mario can use to change the water level. Changing the water level is a main mechanic in this level. The first switch raises the water. There are blocks, which Mario can only reach by raising the water level.
There's a twisted block with three steps, which Mario can ascend to reach another switch. This raises the water level even further. Mario can now reach a dock, which allows him to hit a ! switch, which makes blocks raise from the ground, so Mario can visit another water raising switch. He now can reach various areas of the map and
choose whether he wants to do a puzzle to gain his first star or climb the fortress and meet some Chuckyas.

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