Tiny-Huge Island is the thirteenth level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The level is unique in a way because it has two paintings, one which leads to the level being very small, and the other being very large, hence the level's name.

Layout Edit

The layout for both versions of the level are the same, only different in size.

Mario will start out on a platform with some Goombas. If he goes forward, he will get to a small ledge that is possible to Long Jump to (in the tiny version). After that is a higher ledge with Piranha Plants. If Mario dodges them, then he must make his way onto a slope with Big Steely's rolling down it. There is also a little island floating a bit from the main area. If he manages to avoid the Steely's, then he will reach a bridge leading to a platform with a pipe.


The huge version of the island


The tiny version of the island

This pipe, however, when entered, will switch Mario to the other version of the level, for example if he was in the tiny version, he will be placed in the huge version.

After that, Mario will reach a bottomless canyon with three platforms leading to the other side. It may seem easy enough, but once Mario makes his way to the first platform, the wind will begin to roll in. While the wind is barely harmful in the tiny version, it can be deadly in the huge version of the area.

If Mario makes his way to the other side, he will be on a ledge near a giant pool, which also was visitable from the starting point (huge version only).

Inside this pool is a Cheep Cheep, that, if it is close to Mario, will attempt to eat him. If Mario is eaten, he will lose a life.

In the front of the pool is a large sandy ledge with no use other than being a landing point, if Mario comes falling down from higher ground.

Going back to the slope with the Big Steely's, if Mario dodges them and climbs it, he will see where they come from. Up here is also Koopa the Quick, who will challenge Mario to another race.

If the player ignores Koopa the Quick, then he can climb ontop of the origin of the Big Steely's and make his way to the submit of the island.

If Mario long jumps from Koopa The Quick to the other side (in the Tiny version), then he will see a thin wooden line leading into a hole. Going in here leads to the Red Coin section of Wiggler's cave, the boss of the course.

To get to the Wiggler directly, Mario must ground pound the small pond on the submit of the mountain while in Tiny mode, enter the pipe to transport him to the Huge version, and climb back up the submit and go into the now exposed hole, which leads to Wiggler's arena.

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Pluck the Piranha Flower Edit

Main Article: Pluck the Piranha Flower

Mario must kill the Piranha Flowers.

Mission 2 - The Tip Top of the Huge Island Edit

Main Article: The Tip Top of the Huge Island

Mario must reach the submit of the mountain.

Mission 3 - Rematch with Koopa the Quick Edit

Main Article: Rematch with Koopa The Quick

Race Koopa the Quick again.

Mission 4 - Five Itty Bitty Secrets Edit

Main Article: Five Itty Bitty Secrets

Find the five secrets throughout the island.

Mission 5 - Klepto the Condor (DS only) Edit

Main Article: Klepto The Condor

Mario must take the star from Klepto.

Mission 6 - Wiggler's Red Coins Edit

Main Article: Wiggler's Red Coins

Mario must collect the coins in Wiggler's Cave.

Mission 7 - Make Wiggler Squirm Edit

Main Article: Make Wiggler Squirm

Defeat the Wiggler.

Mission 8 - Switch Star on the Island (DS Only) Edit

Main Article: Switch Star on the Island

Collect the Switch Star in Wiggler's Cave.

Enemies Edit


Piranha Plants

Cheep Cheep

Big Steelys




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