Thwomp model SM64
Species Thwomp
Gender None
Eye color Red
Location(s) Whomp's Fortress
Damage Considerable
Received When Killed Can't be killed

Thwomps are enemies found in Super Mario 64 and its sequel.

They are not to be mistaken for the tall, greyish Whomps.

Appearance Edit

Thwomps are large, square, dark blue creatures that appear to be made of a type of stone. They have angry eyebrows (similar to Goombas), and white eyes with red pupils.

Attacks Edit

Thwomps only have a single attack, which is trying to crush Mario when the latter is beneath one of the Thwomps. Although it seems weak, a successful hit on Mario does deal a considerable amount of damage, so players should take caution near Thwomps.

Uses Edit

If Mario manages to get some high ground by, for example, climbing up a stair of the staircase seen in Whomp's Fortress next to a Thwomp, Mario will be able to jump on top of the Thwomp by making a sidewards sommersault after the Thwomp has landed on the ground.

This way, Mario is able to ride on top of the Thwomp which can be used as an elevator to give Mario additional height, so he can reach higher up places with his jumps, which couldn't be reached otherwise.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the beta version, Thwomps had a darker shade of blue. They also had black pupils instead of red ones, but still had the angry eyebrows. They also had large lips.
    • Their appearance was likely changed due to the same reasons, why Jynx from Nintendo's Pokémon series was changed, which is due to avoid stereotype issues among cultures outside Japan, which might see the big lipped, dark shaded characters as an insult to dark skinned people.