Tall, Tall Mountain is a level in the Upper Floor of
Peach's Castle.

Layout Edit

Mario will start out at the base of the mountain near a little pond. In front of them are some Goombas and a 1-Up Mushroom. Past that are two ledges which Mario must Long Jump across. The first ledge has a platform beneath it so Mario can land, but the second is bottomless. After the ledges, a cluster of different sized mushrooms will appear. Some of the mushrooms have Red Coins on top of them. On the smallest mushroom, there is a warp for Mario to reach a secret cannon. Following the mushrooms are some Monty Moles and more Red Coins. Across that is another platform. Beyond here is an area with a Chuckya and some Bob Ombs. Then, there will be a bridge with a Bob Omb Buddy below it. If Mario talks to this Bob Omb Buddy, it will open the cannon accessed by the previously mentioned mushrooms. After this, Ukiki the Monkey will appear, which will attempt to steal Mario's Cap. Mario must avoid Ukiki and roll across a log platform to get to the other side of a gap.

Map of the level

After the gap, Mario will climb a ledge with many Boulders he must avoid. If Mario doesn't want to go that way, there is an alternate path with several Bob Ombs that circles the slope. At the end of both paths is another ledge in which Mario must long jump across. After that is a cloud enemy called a Fwoosh that will try to blow Mario off the ledge. In the wall next to the Fwoosh, is a secret area leading to a giant slide. Past the Fwoosh is a grassy/mossy area, which is filled with Goombas. Jumping is extremely difficult in this grassy area, so it's best that the player walks their way through. After the grass is a bridge above a waterfall, and finally the peak of the mountain.

The Slide Edit

If Mario goes into the wall next to the Fwoosh, then he will enter into a giant slide. The slide begins with a straight path and three slopes in it, followed by a left turn. After this turn is a U-Turn shaped part that ends with two paths; One with a wooden part to the players right and one straight ahead. The path straight ahead will result in a fall and Mario to lose a life. Going to the right continues the slide. Mario has to be quick once he reaches the wooden path, because there are two gaps he must jump over in order to continue. After that is a another bend. After that bend is a tunnel that ends in a very skinny part of the slide. Past this are two more bends and one final jump Mario must make. After this, he will be in a room with a hole. Going in the hole will take Mario back to the mountain and into a small alcove containing a Power Star.


A map of the slide

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Scale The Mountain Edit

Mario must make his way to the peak of the mountain.

Mission 2 - Mystery of The Monkey Cage Edit

Mario must scale the mountain again and meet Ukiki. If Mario catches Ukiki, Ukiki will show Mario the star for the level.

Mission 3 - Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins Edit

Mario must collect the four Red Coins located on the mushrooms near the base of the mountain. The other four are on platforms near the Monty Moles higher up.

Mission 4 - Mysterious Mountainside Edit

Mario must find the secret slide within the course. He must make it through the mountain to collect a star.

Mission 5 - Breathtaking View From the Bridge Edit

Mario must make his way up the mountain until he finds a Switch. Pressing the switch will make some blocks appear, in which Mario can climb to reach the star in a small alcove.

Mission 6 - Blast to the Lonely Mushroom Edit

Mario must open the cannon of the level and very careful shoot himself to a mushroom containing a star.

Mission 7 (DS Only) - 5 Secrets of the Mountain Edit

Mario must climb to the top of the mountain yet again and collect the Wing Cap. He must then fly through five coin structures circling the peak. Once all of them have been covered, Mario can collect a star.

Inhabitants Edit


Bob Ombs

Bob Omb Buddy



Monty Moles

Shy Guys

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This gallery contains high quality screenshots of the Tall, Tall Mountain main area and its three slide sections. These screenshots were created in Toad's Tool.

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