The Sunshine Isles are a special location exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

The Sunshine Isles are a group of six small islands circling a large one in the center.

Sunshine Isles Map

Map Of Sunshine Isles

First Island Edit

The first island (bottom left on the map) is entirely sand.

Second Island Edit

The second island (bottom) is much like the first one, the only difference is a palm tree.

Third Island Edit

The third island (bottom right) is the same as the previous one, only that it has two palm trees instead of one.

Fourth & Fifth Island Edit

The fourth and fifth islands (on the top right of the map) are the smallest of the group, and are entirely sand, with no features.

Sixth Island Edit

The sixth island (top left) is the most featured besides the center island. It includes grass unlike the other ones, and it contains a palm tree as well. It also contains a lone Goomba

Center Island Edit

The largest island is in the center. It peaks above the other islands, and like the sixth island, contains grass and a palm tree at the top. Facing towards the north, there is a small cave.

Silver Stars Edit

This level contains a singular Power Star, which can only be obtained by collecting five Silver Stars:

1. In the cave on the largest island

2. Held by a Klepto

3. In a tree on the sixth island

4. At the top of the Center Island

5. Near the fourth and the fifth island

Trivia Edit