Snowman's Land is a level in Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

It is very similar to Cool, Cool Mountain due to its
snow theme.

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The level is featured with a mountain in the center of the level, a lake, and some areas with frozen water.

Missions Edit

Mission 2 - Chill with the Bully Edit

This mission is very similar to Lethal Lava Land's "Boil the Big Bully"-mission. In "Chill with the Bully", Mario needs to reach the icy platform at outer right side of the level and face off against the Chill Bully. Jumping at the Chill Bully and shoving it into the icy water will reward Mario with a Power Star.

Mission 3 - In The Deep Freeze Edit

This mission is exclusive to the original Super Mario 64.

"In The Deep Freeze" features an Ice Block House, which is found to the left of Snowman's Land's starting area. After entering the house from the right side, Mario needs to navigate a short maze to achieve the Power Star inside it.

A detailed description of how to navigate the maze can be found in the Ice Block House's section "How to navigate the House".

Chief Chilly's Challenge Edit

This mission is exclusive to the remake, Super Mario 64 DS.

In "Chief Chilly's Challenge", Luigi needs to face off against Chief Chilly. Just like the Chill Bully, Chief Chilly needs to be shoved off stage by jumping at him, but unlike with the Chill Bully, this has to be done three times.

The third time, though has Chief Chilly clinging to the battle by standing off balance, while being on the edge. Luigi needs to shove him down the edge in time by attacking again to defeat him.

Beating Chief Chilly grants the player "Wario's key", which unlocks Wario as a playable character.

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