Slip Slidin' Away is the first mission of Cool, Cool Mountain.

What To Do

Mario will start out on the summit of the mountain.
Right in front of him is a small house with a chimney.
Mario must jump up into the hole on the top of the chimney. He will then fall down and enter a slide level. Mario must get onto the slide and start heading down it. The turns are easy at first, but they get sharper near the end. If Mario falls off, he will fall into the endless void and lose a life. If Mario makes his way after the slide, he will reach a narrow, webby looking slide that is very short and heads directly into the end room. Near the beginning of the slide, when the slide touches the ice wall, there is a row of Coins leading into a wall. If Mario follows it, he will go through the wall and enter a secret passage which skips the sharp turns and heads directly to the end room. If Mario heads outside the door, a Power Star will come out and is ready for Mario to collect.

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