Read the Super Mario 64 Official Wikia's Rules to ensure you turn out to be a good user!


Mario loves people who follow the rules!


  • Always start a sentence with an uppercase letter.
  • Always put a .,?, Or ! at the end of a sentence.
  • Make sure to use correct spelling.

Always make sure that sentences make sense.

For Example:

Good Sentence

" Hazy Maze Cave is one of the 15 worlds in Super Mario 64"

Bad Sentence

" HazyMaze Cave is in Mario 64."

  • Refrain from using slack terms, such as camera being cam. This is unprofessional.
  • Try not to reference the current reader a you or the editor and the player as we. Simply refer to the reader as the player or one of the characters from the game.


  • No vandalism. Not only does nobody like that, nobody wants to see complete nonsense on hardworked pages.[10 years]
  • No false info. We are trying to let new players to know all the info they need. [1 year]
  • No underage users please [depends on age of user] Note that underage people can still visit and read pages on the wiki.
  • No harassment. This counts as posting offensive content on users walls and basically redoing good edits by them. [2 warnings, then 1 week ban, then 10 year ban. Chat kick too.]
  • No excessive swearing [Chat Kick, Warning, then week ban]
  • Do not cyberbully. Not only is this illegal by law, but it can offend people and possibly refer to dark consequences. [ Warning, then 1 month ban ]
  • No calling Mario dumb. Seriously. [ 1 month ban ]
  • Respect your admins. They are here to help you and tell you what's wrong and right. Showing no respect and visible hated toward admins will give the user warning, then 1 month ban.
  • Don't use any offensive words, such as the "f word"(Also read the table below on which words not to use). [Chat kick, indefinete ban]
  • Do not self advertise your wikis or any other thing for that matter in Article Comments, the Forums, or Blogs/Blog Comments. Self Advertising can be considered spam. You may self advertise only on your user page.
  • You may post fan art on the Fun and Games board in the forums, but never post fan art or anything else similar outside of an imgur based image on your user page/blogs/forum post [Image Warning, then 20 day ban].
  • Posting extremely innapropiate videos or photos, such as Sexual Content, will land the offender an infinite ban.
  • Don't put unrelated images in articles, such as Luigi in Mario's page. [Image placement warning, then 1 week ban]
  • Making any bad, primitive, racist, or horrid jokes about anyone here will cause an infinite ban.
  • Do NOT Express you political views - Ok, maybe you think that the new US president is a controversial character, but please do not talk about that or any other political visions on this wiki. Any use of hate and profanity about will smack land a ban on you. [2 months]

Please know that only 5 Warnings are allowed. After that, an indefinite ban will produce.

Images and Videos

  • Only post Super Mario 64 related images.
  • Don't post gameplay videos unless there is no image of the player and little commentary. We all like hearing the funny reactions from Let's Players, but some people want profession. Also, please refrain from using videos with wordmarks such as Hypercam. If possible, remove all human voices and pictures from the video. Also, the better quality, the more enjoyable. Try your best to find videos with at least 360p.
  • Posting innapropiate or unnessacary images, such as a upsetting image, or fan art, is not allowed. [Indefinite ban]


  • Check the template page before adding a template to an article. If this message appears:
This template is NOT for use in mainstream articles or help pages. This template can only be used in userpages and forums/blogs.

then do not add it to an article.

  • You may add templates to your user page, For example {{Mariolover}}

but certain templates such as {{Founder}} you may not use. Ask an admin which user templates you may use.


  • One word comments or spam will be deleted.
  • Unrevelant comments to blog post or forums will be removed.
  • Using too much swear words is not allowed, as this wiki will be viewed by younger audiences.
  • Try not to place too many comments on the same page only about edits, reverts, etc.
  • While not technically an offense, please refrain from talking about grotesque or dark matters that can scare viewers, especially younger ones.

Message Wall

Your Message wall is very important, so

  • Don't try to post a message by you on your on wall. Only tests are allowed.
  • Automated messages will not be replied to, though in very rare cases they might.
  • If a user is harassing you in your message wall, tell an admin, and refrain from taking matters into your own hands.
  • Comment limits do not apply here, discluding swearing.


  • Don't post random comments in the forums just for badges.
  • Try to refrain from using cuss words often. While we won't moderate mild ones, ones that are generally more offensive will be removed. Remember, younger people will visit this wiki.
  • Be kind, do not be racist, and don't judge people based on their real life statistics, and so on. Treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Admin Rights

Admins may never abuse their rules, so only block users with a perfect reason, act as if you were a normal user, close threads only if nessecary, and always be kind!

Bureaucrat Rights

Do not promote users to adminship who have had a bad background, been banned before, or would not qualify for the job. Also, do not be hesitant to demote admins with poor behavior, act nice to all users, no matter what status they have, and feel free to ask FreddyOfAxes, the creator of this wiki any questions.

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