Rainbow Ride is the fifteenth and final main course in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

Rainbow Ride is situated on a series of different objects somewhere within the sky, unlike the rest of the levels (expect Wing Mario Over the Rainbow).


The player will start the level on a octogonal platform in the right of the level. Going forward will lead them to a magic carpet, which will take the player around another platform containing some Coins, as well as some fire obstacle along the way.

Once the carpet is done with its trip, the player will land in an area with four platforms and a gap in the middle. This is where the course begins to split up.

Going left will take the player to a pole in which they can climb down. Going farther will lead to a right or left pathway. Going left again will lead the player to a section with some platforms, a seesaw type platform, and many blocks that will fall if the player sets foot on them. Going further will take the player to a small slope with some platforms to act as stairs. Another swinging platform will be present, and across that is a platform with a star.

Going right will lead the player to a section with many triangle shaped platforms that can be switched upside down by the press of a button. On top of this is another platform containing a star.

Returning to the center platform, going foward will lead the player across some platforms to a large, vertical maze containing the Red Coins of the level. Going to the top of this maze, a Bob Omb Buddy can also be found, as well as some Blue Coins. Of the player manages to get on top of the maze section, and moves towards the left, a warp zone will be triggered.

Finally, back to the center. Going right will lead to the longest path of this level. Here, another Magic Carpet ride can be ridden, which will take the player to a choice between a carpet on the right or the left.

Going on the left carpet will lead the player to somewhere under a large platform containing a 1-UP mushroom, and some spinning blocks. After that, as well as some obstacles the player must jump over, the carpet will then drop the player off at some more falling blocks, in which the player must jump to a succeeding platform quickly.

After this, a path leading to a large, wooden ship containing some coins, Bob Ombs, a star, two 1-UPs, and a cannon. If the player gets in the cannon, they can be blasted over to a floating island containing a Chuckya and another Power Star.

Going back, if the player takes the right carpet, it will lead them to a small obstacle course of glass barrages and falling blocks, which Mario must jump on an off.

Making it across will lead the player into a large house with a fire pit in the middle. The carpet will then lead outside to a wooden platform, which is also the destination of the previously mentioned warp zone (in the maze).

Continuing the carpet, some more glass blocks will appear, before the carpet enters the house again. It will then go straight to the roof of the house, which will contain a yellow [!] block with a 1-UP, and another Power Star.

Missions Edit

Star 1 - Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow Edit

Mario must make his way to the floating ship.

Star 2 - The Big House in the Sky Edit

Mario must make his way to the top of the large house.

Star 3 - Coins Amassed in a Maze Edit

Mario must collect all of the levels Red Coins.

Star 4 - Swingin' in the Breeze Edit

Mario must collect a star in the falling blocks area.

Star 5 - Tricky Triangles! Edit

Mario must collect a star after dealing with moving triangles.

Star 6 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Edit

Mario must get to an island containing a star.

100 Coin Star Edit

Although harder to collect than other 100 coin stars, it is possible, as there are a total of 146 coins present.

Star 7 - Switch Star of the Manor Edit

Mario must collect the switch star of the level.