The Nintendo 64 is a console released by Nintendo in 1996. Super Mario 64 is known for being released on this console.

Apperance Edit

The N64's overally color was black, (though there were different variations) and had four controller outputs. On top of the system, there is a cartridge slot. On the front of the system, is the N64 logo and controller inputs. On the back of the system is the AC Adapter input, the A/V Cable input, and the RF cable input.

Controller Edit

The Nintendo 64 controller is gray normally, (but like the consoles, different colors existed.) with three handles. On the middle handle is an analog stick. On the top of the controller are "L" and "R" buttons. On the left side of the controller is a D-Pad which in almost all games is not used. On the right side, there is a green "A" button, a blue "B", and 4 yellow camera buttons.

Games in the Super Mario 64 series Edit

Super Mario 64