Eye color Blue
Location(s) Big Boo's Haunt

Lethal Lava Land

Damage Minor
Received When Killed Blue Coin

Star (Big Boo's Haunt-only)

Mr.I's are an enemy type in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

It is likely that the name "Mr.I" is a pun on eye as this foe is a huge eyeball. Mr.I has a white scalera, a blue iris and a black pupil.

Behaviour Edit

Mr.I is a stationary enemy that rotates in place. If Mario gets too close to it and stays there for too long, the Mr.I will shoot fire at him in an attempt to burn Mario. If Mario gets hit by the flame, he will be on hurt and he will run around due to the burn.

How to deal with it Edit

Mario can defeat Mr.I by running around it in circles, which at some point will make the Mr.I shrink and vanish.

Big Mr.I Edit

In Big Boo's Haunt, there is a large Mr. I called "Big Mr.I", which is usually referred as a miniboss. To defeat it, Mario must reach the attic (read article for details) and find the room with the Mr. I, and kill it like any other enemy of the species.

Coins and Similarities to other Enemies Edit

Regular Mr.I will drop a blue coin for Mario to collect, if he defeats them, while the Big Mr.I will drop a Power Star upon his defeat.

Blue coins, dropped by the small ones, count towards the 100 coin star and can be used to recover some of Mario's health, if he has lost any.

The running in circles mechanic is the same one, that is used to defeat the Snowmen in winter themed levels.

Locations Edit

Mr.Is generally appear in ghost and lava themed levels.