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File:1st Bowser text N64.jpgFile:1st Bowser text N64 2.jpgFile:3rd Bowser text N64.jpg
File:3rd Bowser text N64 2.jpgFile:3rd Bowser text N64 3.jpgFile:?.png
File:Bowser N64.pngFile:Bowser N64 2.pngFile:Bowser N64 3.png
File:Bowser N64 4.pngFile:Bowser breath bored Mario N64.jpgFile:Bowser side glance N64.png
File:Bowser spit fire N64.pngFile:Bowser transforming painting.pngFile:Bowser transforming painting 2.png
File:Bully SM64.pngFile:Cam not available N64.pngFile:Castle interiors hallway.jpg
File:Castle interiors mirror room.jpgFile:Castle interiors mirror room 2.jpgFile:Castle interiors star door.jpg
File:Castle interiors third bowser.jpgFile:Chain Chomp SM64.pngFile:CharlesMartinet.JPG
File:Chianchompgate.PNGFile:Chill with the Bully Mario VS Big Ice Bully.pngFile:Chuckyas.png
File:Coin.pngFile:Coins icon N64.pngFile:Community-header-background
File:Cool Cool Mountain Peach's Castle.jpgFile:Crazy Combat Battlefield fakelevel.jpgFile:Deletebutton.png
File:Dire dire docks 1.PNGFile:Dorrie SM64.pngFile:Dpad.png
File:DsOfficialLuigi.jpegFile:Ending Cake.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 1.pngFile:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 4.png
File:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 5.pngFile:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 6.pngFile:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 7.png
File:Ft8rc bob sm64 coin 8.pngFile:Ft8rc bob sm64 coins 2 3.pngFile:FullGangDS.png
File:Goomba.jpegFile:Greencoin.jpgFile:Hazy maze cave.png
File:Hazy maze cave 2.pngFile:Hazy maze cave 3.pngFile:Hazy maze cave 4.png
File:Jolly Roger Bay.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle 1.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle 2.jpg
File:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle 3.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle 4.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle secret 1.jpg
File:Jolly Roger Bay Peach's Castle secret 2.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay sunken ship exterior.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay sunken ship interior 1.jpg
File:Jolly Roger Bay sunken ship interior 2.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay sunken ship interior 3.jpgFile:Jolly Roger Bay sunken ship interior 4.jpg
File:Lakitu N64.pngFile:Lakitu N64 2.pngFile:Lakitu N64 3.png
File:Lakitu N64 4.pngFile:Lakitu cam N64.pngFile:Lbutton.png
File:LethaPainting.pngFile:Lethal Lava Land.pngFile:Lethal Lava Land 2.png
File:Lethal Lava Land 3.pngFile:Lethal Lava Land 4.pngFile:Lethal Lava Land 5.png
File:Lethalpaintingfire.JPGFile:LuigiWhompKing.pngFile:MSPaint Viking Freddy by Semerone.png
File:MSPaint Viking Freddy transparent background by Semerone.pngFile:Mario.pngFile:Mario64-SFX.jpg
File:MarioMeetsYoshi.jpegFile:MarioOnBalconyBigBoo.pngFile:Mario N64.png
File:Mario N64 2.pngFile:Mario lives icon N64.pngFile:Mario throw Bowser N64.jpg
File:Mario throw Bowser N64 2.jpgFile:Mario throw Bowser N64 3.jpgFile:Mariohead.gif
File:Orangecoin.jpgFile:Peach's Castle exterior 1.jpgFile:Peach's Castle exterior 2.jpg
File:Peach's Castle exterior 3.jpgFile:Peach's Castle exterior 4.jpgFile:Peach's Castle exterior Yoshi on the roof 1.jpg
File:Peach's Castle exterior Yoshi on the roof 2.jpgFile:Peach 2 Toads Mario Lakitu N64 ending.pngFile:Peach 2 Toads Mario N64 ending.png
File:Peach 2 Toads Mario N64 ending 2.pngFile:Peach 2 Toads Mario N64 ending 3.pngFile:Peach 2 Toads N64 ending.png
File:Peach N64 ending.pngFile:Peach N64 ending 2.pngFile:Peach N64 ending 3.png
File:Peach N64 ending 4.pngFile:Peach kiss Mario N64 ending.pngFile:Peach transforming painting.png
File:Peach transforming painting 2.pngFile:PeachesCastle1.jpegFile:Poll.JPG
File:PowerStar.gifFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide 1.jpgFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide 2.jpg
File:Princess Toadstool's secret slide 3.jpgFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide instructions 1.jpgFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide instructions 2.jpg
File:Princess Toadstool's secret slide instructions 3.jpgFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide instructions 4.jpgFile:Princess Toadstool's secret slide star get.jpg
File:Rainbow Bowser N64.pngFile:Rainbow Bowser N64 2.pngFile:Rainbow Bowser N64 3.png
File:Rainbow Bowser N64 4.pngFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated.jpgFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated 2.jpg
File:Rainbow Bowser defeated star.jpgFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated text.jpgFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated text 2.jpg
File:Rainbow Bowser defeated text 3.jpgFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated text 4.jpgFile:Rainbow Bowser defeated text 5.jpg
File:Shifting Sand Land.jpgFile:Silverstar.GIFFile:Snowman's Big Head star.png
File:Snowman's Land.pngFile:Snowman's Land 2.pngFile:Snowman's Land 3.png
File:Stars icon N64.pngFile:Start.pngFile:SuperMario64DS.png
File:Super Mario 64 (VG) (1996) - Video Game TrailerFile:Super Mario 64 Bob Omb Battlefield.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Bob Omb Battlefield 2.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Bob Omb Battlefield 3.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Bob Omb Battlefield painting.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Chain Chomp freed gameplay.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 DS Wii U Virtual Console Official Japanese TrailerFile:Super Mario 64 Easter Egg Mario takes a nap.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Easter Egg Mario takes a nap 2.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 King Bob Omb gameplay.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 King Bob Omb gameplay 2.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Koopa the quick gameplay.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Star get.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Star get 2.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress 2.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress 3.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress Thwomp.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress Whomp King defeated.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress cap tutorial.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress owl.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress owl 2.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress painting.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress sleeping Piranha Plant.jpg
File:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress tower.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress tower 2.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 alternate Wiki.PNG
File:Super Mario 64 alternate Wiki small.PNGFile:Super Mario 64 level select.jpgFile:Super mario 64 wiki 3.png
File:Super mario 64 wiki 3 small.pngFile:Talltallmountainmap.PNGFile:TheNintendo64.jpeg
File:Tick Tock Clock 1.PNGFile:TinyIsland.pngFile:Tiny Huge Island.png
File:Tiny Huge Island lookalike fakelevel.jpgFile:Toad N64.pngFile:UltimateKoopa1.jpeg
File:VanishCap1.JPGFile:Vanish cap block after activation SM64.pngFile:Vanish cap block before activation SM64.png
File:Vanish cap switch SM64.pngFile:Viking Freddy avatar small.pngFile:Viking Freddy by Semerone.jpg
File:Viking freddy avatar by semerone 2.pngFile:Viking freddy avatar by semerone 3.pngFile:Viking freddy by semerone 2.jpg
File:Viking freddy by semerone 3.jpgFile:WarioSm64Ds.pngFile:Wet Dry World.png
File:Wet Dry World 2.pngFile:Wet Dry World 3.pngFile:Wet Dry World Chuckyas.png
File:Wet Dry World first entry.pngFile:Wet Hill Meadow sketch prototype by Zenki.pngFile:Whomp.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wing cap Mario official.pngFile:Wing cap Super Mario 64.PNG

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