Koopa The Quick
Species Koopa Troopa
Gender male
Eye color black
Location(s) Bob Omb Battlefield, Tiny Huge Island

Koopa The Quick is a friendly NPC from Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

Koopa The Quick is about twice as tall as Mario, otherwise, he looks exactly the same as any other Koopa Troopa.

Behaviour Edit

Koopa The Quick will be found at the beginng of the stage, where he stands around, giving the local Bob Omb Buddies nervous looks.

If Mario speaks to Koopa The Quick, the latter will challenge him to a race. If Mario accepts and wins the race, he will be rewarded by Koopa The Quick, who gives him a Power Star for his efforts.

Locations Edit

The first location where Koopa The Quick can be found is the starting area of Bob Omb Battlefield, where he can be challenged for a race to the summit of the local mountain, where King Bob Omb has previously been fought.

Reaching the flagpole at the summit of the mountain causes Mario to finish the race.

Once the player reaches Tiny-Huge Island, Mario will have to rematch Koopa The Quick again in another mission. This time, Mario will race Koopa The Quick from near where the Big Steelys start on the island, to near the bottomless canyon is of the level. Once again, if Mario beats Koopa The Quick, he will be awarded with a Power Star.

Other Koopa Troopas Edit

There is also other Koopa Troopas, which are smaller than Koopa The Quick and flee from Mario, if they see him. These can be defeated to get hold of their shells, which can then be used to cross hazardous terrain.

Gallery Edit