King Bob Omb is the first boss in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Residence Edit

King Bob Omb lives at the top of a mountain in Bob Omb Battlefield. He apparently is controlling the Bob Ombs side in the war against Bob Omb Buddies.

Attacks Edit

When Mario meets King Bob Omb, he will make a short speech, saying mostly the rules for the battle. Then, his only attack his to try and grab Mario, and then throw him. In the remake, he will also throw Bob Ombs at Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, or Wario.

How to Defeat Edit

Mario must grab King Bob Omb from behind and throw him(make sure King Bob Omb doesnt go off the mountain.) three times. In the remake, the player can use an alternate strategy and throw Bob Ombs at him.

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