Jolly Roger Bay is the third location in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.


Mario starts out on a beach with a cannon just off shore. Going foward will take Mario to an area with some platforms to walk on. Going into the water, Mario will find several clams with Red Coins and a Koopa Shell. Back on the platforms, in the first mission, there is a large swimming hole at the end of the level, and swimming down into it leads to a sunken ship which Mario can enter. Inside the ship, there are four chests in which Mario must enter in the right order, so he can drain the water in the ship. Back in the main level, there are also more clams around the Swimming Hole. If Mario enters a small opening in the rocks, it will lead to an underground cavern. In this cavern, there are many Goomba's and Falling Rocks. At the other side of the cavern, there is another quad of chests, which Mario must open in the right order. There is also a cage with a Power Star, in which Mario must use the Vanish Cap to collect.


Mission 1 - Plunder in the Sunken Ship

In Mission 1, Mario must swim out into the bay until he finds the swimming hole. He then has to dive deep into the water to reach the shipwreck and lure the eel out so Mairo can enter the ship. Inside the ship, Mario has to swim at the four chests at the right order, so he can collect some air and drain the water out of the ship. It is the easier to get the star if Mario swims to a platform as far as possible at the top of this room. Otherwise Mario will have to climb the slippery slope with its platforms instead. Mario can get a Power Star by popping the yellow ! box.

Mission 2 - Can the Eel Come Out to Play?

In Mission 2, Mario must to the same as in Mission 1, but without entering the ship. After luring the eel out from the rocks, Mario has to follow it and collect the Power Star mounted to the eels tail. Mario has to be careful as getting too close to the eel will hurt Mario and drain his Health Meter.

Mission 3 - Treasure in the Ocean Cave

In Mission 3, Mario must go past the Eel from Mission 2 and go through a small circular, rocky alcove in the wall. He will then enter the cavern in the level. If Mario goes to the other side of the cavern, there will be four chests. The order to open the chests are Back, Left, Right, Front.

Mission 4 - Red Coins on the Ship Afloat

In Mission 4, Mario has to collect all 8 red coins scattered all over Jolly Roger Bay.

The loacations are:

  1. In a clam on the shore
  2. In a clam near a Bob Omb Buddy
  3. In a clam near the Koopa Shell
  4. In a clam at the bottom of the sinkhole
  5. On a rock next to the cannon
  6. On the bow of the risen ship
  7. On the east rear of the ship
  8. On the west rear of the ship

Mission 5 - Blast to the Stone Pillar

in Mission 5, Mario must take the cannon just off the shore. He must aim at the tip of the tallest pointed pillar in the water parallel to the floating platforms. If sucsessful, Mario must jump onto a small platform with the star.

Mission 6 - Through the Jet Stream

In Mission 6, Mario must have the Metal Cap unlocked. Mario must collect the Metal Cap and then make his way down the jet stream that normally blows Mario away. Then, once the Metal Cap is collected, he must get to the ground, and jump up and collect the star.


  • Goomba
  • Clam
  • Eel
  • Chests
  • Falling Rocks


In the Bay

Sunken Ship interior

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