Gender none
Eye color blue-gray
Location(s) Shifting Sand Land
Damage Considerable
Received When Killed Can’t be killed

Grindels are enemies appearing in Super Mario 64
and Super Mario 64 DS.


Grindels are very similar in shape to Thwomps. Grindels are completely square-shaped (Thwomps had slightly curved edges). Grindels have large pieces of cloth around the majority of their structure, and have small stone parts at the bottom and top of their body. Grindels have blue, somewhat gray eyes, large angry eyebrows, and a large grinning mouth with yellow teeth.


Grindels have the exact same attack as a Thwomp: Bouncing around in a marked line and attempting to crush Mario.


  • There is a variant of the Grindel, called the Spindel.