Friendly Snowman
Friendly Snowman SM64
Species Snowman
Gender None
Eye color Black
Location(s) Cool, Cool Mountain

The friendly Snowman is an NPC in the games Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

The friendly Snowman is a large, living snowman, whose body is composed of two large balls of snow. The larger one acts as its body, while the smaller one acts as its head. The head has black eyes and a black mouth.

Locations Edit

Cool, Cool Mountain

The Mission - "Snowman's lost his Head" Edit

The friendly Snowman has been separated.

Mario needs to find the body on top of a wooden platform around the top of the mountain area in the mission "Snowman's lost his Head". Then he will need to make it roll safely down to around half the mountain's height, where the head is waiting.

Once the body has arrived at the head's location, they will unite to become a whole snowman. The friendly Snowman will then reward Mario with a Power Star.

Other Snowmen Edit

There are also two other types of snowmen. One is a human sized Snowman, that acts as an enemy, that is found both in Cool, Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land, while the other one is a Giant Snowman, who appears exclusively in Snowman's Land.