Dire, Dire Docks is a level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

The first part of the level is a large basin that is
entirely water, although in the remake there are
some bricks above the surface to stand on.
Under the water is a giant whirlpool and some
chests. After that, there is a passage leading
to the Sub Room.

The second part of the level is a large area that (at first) will contain a large submarine and several platforms.

The ceiling contains climbable platforms that contain the Red Coins of the level.

There are also some structures underwater, one of which contains a sta for the level.

Missions Edit

Star 1 - Board Bowser's Sub Edit

Mario must make his way into the second part of the level, and board the large submarine in the room. Then, collect the star.

Star 2 - Chests in the Current Edit

Mario must make his way to the bottom of the basin, which has four chests that must be opened in a certain order. The order is, the Chet's farthest from the passage, the chest closest to the passage, the chest after that, and the chest closest to the whirlpool.

Star 3 - Pole Jumping for Red Coins Edit

Mario must collect all eight red coins found in the Sub Room.

Star 4 - Through the Jet Stream Edit

Mario must go to the sub room and grab the Metal Cap in there. He must then collect a star near a jet stream in the water.

Star 5 - Into The Cage Edit

Returning to the sub room again, Mario must collect a Metal Cap and a Vanish Cap (which must be unlocked beforehand) and make his way into an underwater cage containing the star.

Star 6 - The Manta Ray's Reward Edit

Mario must find a Manta near the chests, and must fly through the rings the Manta makes.

Star 7 - Koopa Surfin' Switch Star (DS) Edit

Wario must make his way where some black blocks are. Smashing them will give him a Koopa Shell. Breaking another block will reveal the Switch Star button, which will then generate the star. Wario must make his way to the star by riding the Koopa Shell.