Chip Off Whomp's Block is the first mission of
Whomp's Fortress.

Layout Edit

Mario will start out at the base of the fortress.
He must make his way past the Bomps and Thwomps,
past the Piranha Plants and some wandering Whomps to finally reach an elevator.
Once Mario goes up, he will meet the Whomp King.
To defeat the Whomp King, Mario must stand in front of him and and wait until he prepares to fall. Once he is about to smash Mario, the player must run out of his area. Once the King lands face flat, Mario must jump on his back and Ground Pound the giant bandaid on his back. Mario must do this three times to defeat the king. Once the Whomp King is defeated, Mario can collect the Power Star that awaits him.

Enemies Edit

  • Bomps
  • Thwomps
  • Piranha Plants
  • Whomps
  • Whomp King