Cheep Cheep
Tiny Huge Island Cheep Cheep
Gender None
Eye color Blue
Location(s) Tiny-Huge Island
Damage death (eats Mario, which causes him to lose a life)
Received When Killed Can not be killed

Cheep Cheeps are enemies in the games Super Mario 64 and
Super Mario 64 DS.

Appearance Edit

Cheep Cheeps are large, scaly, orange fish featuring red fins. They wear black sunglasses and have large, rose colored lips.

Locations Edit

Tiny-Huge Island

Attacks Edit

Cheep Cheeps have no attack other than trying to eat Mario and his friends. Being eaten causes the player character to instantly lose all their health, thus being eaten equals losing a life ingame.

Behaviour Edit

Unlike in the earlier Mario games, where the Cheep Cheeps actively hunted Mario and Luigi, the Cheep Cheeps in Super Mario 64 and its remake are rather docile.

As long as the player doesn't swim too close to them, the Cheep Cheeps won't do the player any harm. Sometimes, they don't even eat the player, when the player is very close, so the player should judge by themselves, if it's safe to swim close to the Cheep Cheep or not.

If the Cheep Cheep faces the player with any part of their body, but their mouth, the player will be safe, but if the mouth faces the player, the situation gets dangerous and the Cheep Cheep might suddenly eat the player.

Gallery Edit