Bubble 3
Species Bubble
Location(s) Bob Omb Battlefield
Damage Medium
Received When Killed Not Killable.

Bubbles are an enemy type in Super Mario 64.

Appearance Edit

They are big, blue bubbles filled with water, that are about Mario's size. Unlike many other enemies, Bubbles don't have a face or feet.

Behaviour and how to deal with them Edit

The Bubbles are mainly being shot from the cannons, that are being controlled by the local Bob Ombs. Note, that Mario can't let himself be shot from these cannons, as they are always above ground and there's no way to enter them.

The Bubbles will usually be shot at Mario's current location and will drop down from the sky. The player can see the Bubble's shadow shortly before it hits Mario, which usually gives them enough time to avoid it via a long jump or by simply running in a zig-zag pattern.

The Bubbles themselves will hop around for awhile after hitting the ground or Mario and continue bouncing until they suddenly go poof and vanish into thin air.

Similar to the Big Steelys found in the same area, Mario can't kill the Bubbles and even defeating the Bob Ombs, who are handling the cannons, won't stop the cannons from shooting Bubbles.

Gallery Edit