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Bowser In The Sky is a boss course in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

The course and the final Bowser battle can be reached as early as after collection 70 stars in the original game. In the remake, the player needs 80 stars to access it.

It is visited via the Endless Stairs found behind the respective star door. If the player has less than the required amount of stars, then the Endless Stairs will truely be endless by looping continuously. This effect is remedied once the player reaches the required amount of stars.

Final Bowser Battle Edit

The battle against Bowser at the end of this level is the third and final Bowser boss battle. Defeating Bowser will give Mario the 121th star, which turns out to be princess Peach, who previously has been transformed into a star by Bowser.

Ending, Credits and Yoshi Edit

Peach 2 Toads N64 ending

Peach is rescued!

Ending Cake

The cake as seen at the final screen of the game.

This screen is shown regardless how many stars the player have when they beat the game.

After collecting the final star (which doesn't show up in the player's power stars counter), Mario will put on a wing cap and fly off into the sunset. When he returns, he will be in front of the castle, where two Toads are awaiting him as the 121th star descends from the sky and turns back into the princess.

Peach will offer Mario the newly made cake, which she mentioned in the latter at game's beginning (in the original Super Mario 64) and kiss him on the nose. Then Peach, Mario and the Toads will go back into the castle and the credits start rolling.

At the end, a cake with two figures on top of it (representing Mario and Peach) can be seen and the words "The End" will appear on screen. Rebooting the console afterwards will start the player back off with the completed game and 120 stars will now allow the player to open a cannon, that allows them to visit the roof and meet Yoshi, who will give them a developers' message and thank them for playing the game. He also gives the player 99 lives.

Afterwards, the player is free to go to any ingame world and replay levels at their leisure.

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Beating Bowser with 120 Stars Edit
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Trivia Edit

  • Bowser's introductory dialogue is always the same regardless if the player starts the battle with 120 stars or less
  • In Super Mario 64 DS, Bowser mentions 150 stars instead of 120 stars and he states, that the player should keep the "Touch Screen smokin'" instead of keepin' the "Control Stick smokin'".
    • While the former is a reference about the 30 additional stars in the remake, the latter is a reference to the changed control scemes between the Nintendo DS handheld and the Nintendo 64 console.