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Overhead view of the area

Bob Omb Battlefield is the first location in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Layout Edit

The player starts on a small rocky platform with a cannon and two Bob Omb Buddies.
There is a bridge leading up to a large grassy area with another cannon, and going left heads to a Chain Chomp.
Going left on the ground goes to the bottom of a ledge and in front a a gate.
After the Chain Chomp, there is a wooden seesaw that leads to another grassy area.
One part of it has lots of Bob Ombs and a cannon, and the other part has four wooden pegs and a few Goombas.
Heading down a slope on the area with the cannon opens an earlier mentioned gate.
Going through a gate on the normal platform of this area enters the bottom of another slope and an area with two Big Steely's and the top of the rocky slope.
After the Big Steely's is another cannon and a Bob Omb (Goomba in remake) and the top of the second slope.
There then will be an alcove with more Big Steely's coming out of it.
Entering this alcove takes Mario to the top of the mountain.
Continuing foward eventually heads to a Bob Omb controlling a cannon, and in later missions a closed cannon near the Bob Omb's cannon will open.
Going farther eventually reaches another alcove, which entering takes Mario back to the first alcove.

Missions Edit

Mission 1 - Big Bob-Omb on the Summit Edit

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In Mission 1, King Bob Omb, who resides at the top of the mountain, must be fought in something akin to a sumo match.
If Mario throws him to the ground three times (not off the mountain) he will admit defeat, rewarding the player with a Power Star.

In Super Mario 64 DS King Bob Omb must be fought both in Missions 1 and 4.

Mission 2 - Footrace With Koopa The Quick Edit

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In Mission 2, there is a flagpole that Mario must hop on before Koopa The Quick does.
There is a floating island accesible by the cannon closest to the mountain submit and the cannon in the grassy area with the Chain Chomp.
There is a cannon here as well, used for either Mission 5 or going back to the mountain.

Mission 3 - Shoot To The Island In The Sky Edit

Main Article: Shoot To The Island In The Sky

In Mission 3, on the floating island, Mario must make his way there and open a yellow ! box to receive the star,

Mission 4 - Find The 8 Red Coins Edit

Main Article: Find The 8 Red Coins

In Mission 4, Mario must find all 8 red Coins which are scattered over Bob Omb Battle field.

Similar missions can also be found in later courses, as every course has 8 red Coins.

Mission 5 - Mario Wings To The Sky Edit

Main Article: Mario Wings To The Sky

In Mission 5, Mario must obtain the Wing Cap, and collect five coins that can be collected by using the cannon.

Mission 6 - Behind Chain Chomp's Gate Edit

Main Article: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

In Mission 6, Mario must stomp the stake that holds the Chain Chomp into the ground.
By doing so, the Chain Chomp will be released and break the gate, thus rewarding Mario with another power star.

Mission 7 - 5 Silver Stars! (DS exclusive)Edit

Main Article: 5 Silver Stars!

In Mission 7 of Super Mario 64 DS, Mario must collect 5 bouncing, silver colored stars around the area.
If Mario collects all 5, a Power Star will be formed.
If Mario is touched by an enemy with any amount of Silver Stars (except for all) then Mario will lose one star.

Secret Star Edit

Another Power Star can be gained by collecting 100 coins on any mission of Bob Omb Battle Field.

The same is also possible on any other course, but they will only count towards the currently visited course.
Thus every course has their seperate 100 coins counter and its own secret extra power star.

Enemies Edit

Bob Omb


Koopa Troopa

Koopa The Quick

King Bob Omb

Big Steely

Chain Chomp

NPC(s) Edit

Bob Omb Buddy

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