Bob Ombs are enemies that appear in Super Mario 64
and Super Mario 64 DS.

Apperance Edit

Bob Ombs are black spheres with large, white eyes, yellow feet, and a small rope on the top. In the remake, they look
very similar to their appearance from the Nintendo 64 game, but they now sport a twister on their backs.

Uses Edit

When Mario gets near to a Bob Omb, it will start making a steam sound and chase Mario. Once it explodes, it will grow for a split second and make a explosion sound. If Mario is too close to a Bob Omb when it blows up, Mario will lose two units of health.

Mario can grab a Bob Omb by punching or lunging at it. If the player presses the attack button once again, Mario will throw the Bob Omb. He will throw it farther if he's walking while doing so. Mario can't run while holding a Bob Omb and he can only use the first and lowest jump.

Locations Edit

Bob Ombs appear in:

Bob Omb Battlefield

Bowser In The Dark World

Bowser In The Fire Sea

Tiny-Huge Island

Tick Tock Clock

Rainbow Ride

Bowser In The Sky