Blue Coins are collectibles in the games
Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

Use Edit

If Mario has less than 8 health, he can collect a blue coin to regain five bars of health. Blue coins also count as 5 regular coins towards the Coin Counter.

Blue coins might be gained by defeating certain enemy types or by pressing a blue coin switch, which is a grey switch with a blue star on it. If the player doesn't collect the blue coins generated by the switch in time, they will be gone forever. (or at least until the player restarts the level)

Other Types of Coins Edit

There are two other types of coins:

  • Coins
    • Regular coins are worth one coin and also refill 1 health when collected
  • Red Coins
    • Worth 2 regular coins and counts towards the 8 red coins challenge of the corresponding level

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