• Semerone

    A dark and foggy Night at the local Pizzeria is a Super Mario Brothers fan fiction, that stars Luigi as the main character. It's an original story with horror elements, but it doesn't star any original characters and unless you are very easily scared, it should be okay for young readers, even if they probably won't be able to understand the full story until they get older.

    I started working on this fan fic back on May 17, 2016 and finished it on July 9, 2016. I initially released it over at my DeviantArt account.

    As Zenki was over-excited and asked me to also post my fan fic over here, I first was a bit unsure, if I actually should do so, but when I saw Freddy's original comic series over here, I decided, that maybe I should give it a go none…

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  • Zenki7

    New Errors Blog

    December 5, 2017 by Zenki7

    This is the Super Mario 64 Official Wiki version of my blog.
    For the Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia version click here.

    These errors happen every once in awhile (every few months or something like that) and are related to the staff doing maintenance thingies.

    They might include things like:

    1. Users not bein' able to log in into their accounts despite enterin' everything correctly, due to the Wikia/FANDOM servers not bein' available

    If this happens, you can't do anything but wait until the issue has been resolved.

    2. Users not bein' able to comment and being told, they they should save their work and try again later

    Sometimes, there'll be severe cases, where you'll also get empty error boxes instead and won't know what's going on. This is already reall…

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  • FreddyOfAxes

    Note: Moved from KDZ Wikia.

    Then a meme blog you shall have.

    Cough cough There was a poll on my page cough cough

    Well, kek.


    Once I found a spicy suit of Power Armor...

    So I traveled across the world before I found some Diehard tunnel people...

    And I left my armor...

    And found it a minute later in this state:

    You know what I call that?

    Sour Armor!

    Insert flying tomatoes and boos here


    I once talked to an angry man. He lied a bunch, and used to make wood for a living. His dad had a cat and made puppets. The mans name was Pinocchio.


    I once met a bridge builder. A virtual bridge builder.


    I had fun at a chat room once! ONCE.



    Meme Snap

    Take one minute to look at these memes. Then, write a short reflection of 2-3 sentences. Then, jab a railroad sp…

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  • Semerone


    Hello dear visitors and fellow wikians.

    This discussion is related to a very recent issue, that affects various other wikis. I don't know, if it also affects Super Mario 64 Official Wiki, but I wanted to post this here for your information.

    As Gokimaru already stated in translation blog the new subpage of the Kishin Douji Zenki related manga blog over at Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia, there's currently an issue affecting the visibility of various wiki content.

    At first, Zenki noticed, that this issue only affected content featured in our comments, like for example the visibility of sectioned commentary over at forum, but when Zenki and myself decided to check out, if the issue also affected the users of mobile devices, we found out, that with a …

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  • Zenki7

    Yo! :D

    Tonight, I present you our funny comments collection, which features all these funny comments,
    that would otherwise be lost! (ears drop and wiggle)

    This is part 3 of the funny comments collection!

    • part 1 - Dedicated Plumbers, salty Bacon and Miss Wat
    • part 2 - Dear Error, there's a Link swimming in my Eye!

    Somehow, Goki's quote was dodgy, too and didn't show properly. Doesn't seem to work with external links?!

    Here's a new, funny comment. ^^

    This is related to the most recent trivia entry on my article over at KDZ Wikia, which references the differences between Zenki and myself and our Shaman King counterparts.

    My funny quote refers to the fact, that Shaman King switched Zenki's and my colors around, causing the Shaman King series' Zenki to s…

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  • Zenki7

    Yo! :D

    Tonight, I present you our funny comments collection, which features all these funny comments,
    that would otherwise be lost! (ears drop and wiggle)

    This is part 2 of the funny comments collection!

    • part 1 - Dedicated Plumbers, salty Bacon and Miss Wat
    • part 3 - Color Switcheroo, Godi Goni and Chuck Norris

    Somehow, my quote was dodgy and didn't show properly. Doesn't seem to work with external links?!

    "Zelda CDI - Shopkeeper Scene on YouTube"

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  • Zenki7

    Yo! :D

    Tonight, I present you our funny comments collection, which features all these funny comments,
    that would otherwise be lost! (ears drop and wiggle)

    This is part 1 of the funny comments collection!

    • part 2 - Dear Error, there's a Link swimming in my Eye!
    • part 3 - Color Switcheroo, Godi Goni and Chuck Norris

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  • FreddyOfAxes

    Random Definitons

    September 2, 2017 by FreddyOfAxes

    Woah there sport! Expect some pretty darn random things here. The most unexpected or weird things relating to Freddy here may be present!


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  • FreddyOfAxes

    The easiest image uploading guide you will ever see.

    1. Find an image.

    Like this.

    2. Go to the images section.


    3. Upload the image.


    4. Enjoy the results.

    Warning 1

    Warning 2


    You just got banned, mah boi.

    1. Find your image.

    Like this

    2. Go to Images


    3. Upload your image.


    4. Categorize The image with “Off Topic” and enjoy.

    If this was hard to understand, even though this is the easiest guide on Earth, then read this 1000 times until you memorize it in your sleep.

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  • FreddyOfAxes


    This is a collection for my own comic series, Destr0yed Dreamz. Please do not take these comics and post them elsewhere without asking me first!

    This is my first real comic series.

    I named it "Destr0yed Dreamz" because well.. idk

    There's no backstory for this (well not really), and everything is meant to be random and stupid as possible.

    Anyways here's some specs:

    • Fatis McFarts is one of the main characters. He is a fat potato (or marshmallow, I really don't know) that has an elf nose. His right arm is also ridiculously short, and his left arm is ridiculously long. His ideas are dumber then the cavemen.
    • Mooly Booly is a.. creature. H…

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  • Zenki7

    I am Error

    August 5, 2017 by Zenki7

    If you ended up here, then something went terribly wrong, like the wiki trying to reference a page, that doesn't exist. Please use this link to go to an actual article on this wiki.

    I'm going to redirect all false positves, which I find, here, so any automatically generated pages, that aren't supposed to exist, don't redirect you into outer space (as Semerone likes to say).

    Any broken files links and weirdness of the likes, can be found via the Admin Dashboard's various Wanted-entries.

    To visit the Admin Dashboard, either use this link or go to the Admin-button shown at the bottom of your browser window.

    This blog is being maintained by Zenki. Feel free to click my name and leave a message, in case anything weirds you out or you wanna talk to me…

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  • FreddyOfAxes

    The Wiki Flag

    July 30, 2017 by FreddyOfAxes

    Sup boi.

    As of July 30, we have a new flag to accommodate our wiki, this:

    I thought this would be a great feature to customize our wiki more.

    But you may ask: What does that strange text mean? Or Why are there four stars? Well, part of this post is going to tell you meaning of the flag.

    The background has been colored red, to accommodate for Mario's signature colour, red.

    However, it was uploaded with no black border and was very hard to make out.

    The black border is only to be able to help visibility.

    The image we all know and love, is placed in the middle of the flag, because Mario is our main character over here and looks damn good there.

    They stand for the admins of the wiki, me, and my best buddiesSeme, Zenki, and Goki! They are placed around Mar…

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  • Goki2


    May 27, 2017 by Goki2


    I wonder, if it is relevant for this wiki to add a remark on how Mario was originally referred to as "Jumpman"? (even, if we only mention it in the, currently non-existant, trivia-section)

    After all, there's a reference featuring his initial appearance in the infobox, so what do you think?

    While initially known as "Jumpman" in the Japanese media, his name was changed in the promotional material for the original game's oversea releases. The namesake for the character, that from now on was known as "Mario", was Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America's office warehouse.

    When Mr. Segale barged in on a meeting to demand an overdue rent payment, his first name (Mario) eventually got permanently stuck with the video game character.


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  • FreddyOfAxes
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  • Semerone

    Testing Blog

    March 11, 2017 by Semerone

    This blog is meant as a sandbox for testing new features.

    Okay. I will merge them into Template:EnemyInfobox2.

    (GUI = Graphical User Interface)

    What the?!

    If I try to edit the infobox, I end up in a weird graphical interface instead of the source code one, I am used to! How do I change this?

    I can't edit the template like this... :(

    Now I need to build the whole template from scrap... :P

    "Never Change A Running System"

    It's done, but don't migrate it, or everything might be for naught... :P

    I just finished the new template, but I noticed that the weird interface only appears when a template uses a new infobox markup. If it uses the old one, I can edit the template just fine.

    (Updated to be more conform with the Wiki Standards)

    Okay. I went and merged…

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  • Zenki7

    Zenki's gallery blog

    February 26, 2017 by Zenki7

    Hello and welcome to my gallery blog!

    I will post images of my Super Mario 64 gameplay as I keep going through the game.

    The blog has galleries for worlds, missions and enemies and is still being built.

    Feel free to use my images anywhere on the wiki and especially the places they are supposed to be, as in the related articles.

    And don't forget to have fun while visiting both mah gallery here and da wikiz! ;)

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  • FreddyOfAxes


    March 30, 2016 by FreddyOfAxes

    Whoops! You've landed someplace that's really, really out of date. I think you should wander somewhere else.

    Welcome to the Offical Super Mario 64 Wiki! Anyone is welcome to this wiki, and as long as you follow the rules, you will be in good hands.

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