This is a list of authorities on Super Mario 64 Official Wikia, the staff if you will.
These people are the people to go to when you have questions.

Bureaucrats are the top users on the wiki. They choose ranking of other users, and have access to pretty much everything on the wiki.

FreddyOfAxes Contact me! Blogs!
Bureaucrat Star


is our wiki founder and most active on the wiki! He loves video games, internet memes, and more! He's also decently good at wikiing. Contact him anytime!

You can also find me at KDZ Wikia.

Semerone Contact me! Blogs!
Bureaucrat Star

Semerone is our wiki's Second In Command. She loves manga/anime, having fun, and video games! She is very friendly, and even has her own wiki! Contact her anytime!

Admins are the main authority on the wiki, they can block users, visit the admin dashboard, and edit protected pages.

Zenki7 Contact me! Blogs!
Admin Star

Zenki is one of our Third In Command Administrators. He likes manga/anime and video games. Contact him anytime!

You can also find me at KDZ Wikia.

Goki2 Contact me! Blogs!
Admin Star
Moderator Star

Goki is our wiki's other Third In Command Administrator and Moderator. He loves manga/anime, hiking, and video games! He is very friendly. Contact him anytime!

You can also find me at KDZ Wikia.

Moderators (or simply mods) are people who moderate certain wiki features, such as the Chat, Article discussions, and content. They, however, do not have as much rights as admins but can block users from certain activities.

As of now, our admins count as moderators.

Rollbacks are users that are able to undo edits in one click.
This is especially helpful in case an article is vandalized.

As of now, we currently have no rollbacks.

Our mascots are characters who show of the wiki.
We currently have Mario and Luigi as placeholder mascots.
To become a normal mascot, politely ask and admin to see if you can apply.


If you have any questions, regarding the wiki, or if you have a problem, contact these people.
If you want to become an admin, or you think that you are good enough for the position,
ask a bureaucrat politely.

Alternatively we also have a List of Admins. Be sure to check it out for more technical information.

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