50   FreddyOfAxes (Founder/Very Active)

50   Semerone (Admin/Less Active)

50   Zenki (Admin/Very Active)

50   Goki (Admin/Moderately Active)


All admins are also moderators.


We currently don't have any rollbacks. Please check out the Promotion Page for more information.

Super Mario 64 Official Wikia Mascots

We currently have Mario and Luigi as placeholder mascots.
To become a normal mascot, politely ask and admin to see if you can apply.


If you have any questions, regarding the wiki, or if you have a problem, contact these people.
If you want to become an admin, or you think that you are good enough for the position,
ask a bureaucrat politely.

Alternatively we also have a List of Admins. Be sure to check it out for more technical information.

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